I perform Operations Management consulting services for Startups and SMEs (Small/Medium Enterprises).

This typically means that I:

  • Work together with you to structure and deconstruct your problems
  • Perform analyses on your business data
  • Give strategic advice on business and operations

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“Michael Duyvesteijn is a tiger when it comes down to operational matters. He helped our Blendin Foundation by writing a script that helped us connect newcomers and locals in a more structured and sustainable way. This new script demanded less time, which gave us the opportunity to focus on other important matters. Finally, since we have more time for marketing/exposure our foundation has more users which means that Michael’s help was of great value. Thanks again Michael!”

Kourosh Noshad Sharifi – Co-Founder Blendin Foundation (read more on Linkedin)

Who am I?

I will try to inspire you, show you new insights, and motivate you to get the utmost out of yourself.

I have a broad spectrum of interests. I can easily relate to your business and approach problem(s) from a different angle. I also readily make cross-functional connections.

I have a steep learning curve, which means I quickly familiarize myself with new topics that you care about.

I am a relentless improver. Put otherwise: I will not give up. But as important, I will always look for ways to make things, you, and myself better.

I am concise and to the point. In such a way that you intuitively understand what I mean.

I enjoy working together and making sure that everyone can have their voices heard. A real team player.

I show leadership where needed, and I take full ownership of my work. You can count on me.

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